Friday, November 17, 2006

UCLA, ACLU... What's the Diff?

Okay, the wingnuts are getting a little out of control. I was chatting with a friend about the UCLA police Tasering a student for failure to show identification in the university library.

One of the local loonies overheard us -- one of us said something about an ID dispute -- and he jumped right in... about the "ACLU police" stunning the guy for disputing Intelligent Design. First, he demanded to know when and why the ACLU had established its own police department, and he wanted to know why they were zapping the kid for not believing in "Intelligent Design", which he claimed had been proven beyond a shadow of a doubt.

We tried to expalin the difference between UCLA -- University of California, Los Angeles -- and the ACLU -- American Civil Liberties Union -- but he kept demanding to know why the ACLU had its own cops.

And we're supposed to reach out to these morons....

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