Monday, March 24, 2008

Quickie Update on Kwame Kilpatrick

Wayne County Prosecutor Kim Worthy announced today that her office had filed a 12- count criminal information (similar to an indictment) charging Mayor Kilpatrick and his former chief of staff Christine Beattie, with perjury, obstruction of justice, conspiracy to obstruct justice and misconduct in office. These are all felonies, with maximum sentences ranging from 5 to 15 years each. Several counts are against both, plus there were counts that applied only to one or the other.

The Detroit City Charter requires the mayor to resign if convicted of a felony.

They turned themselves in at the Sheriff's office this evening. Gawd, I wish Kwame had tried to skip town. I would have loved seeing him do the perp walk coming off a plane or something.

I must now return to panic-pack mode.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Little or No Posting Thru April 15

There will be little or no activity here at 618 Rants through April 15. The missus and I have both been sick as dogs (bronchitis really sucks), plus we are packing for a move halfway across the country.

In the interim, please visit some of the wonderful offerings in Ye Olde Blogrolle.