Thursday, July 29, 2010

OMFG, Part whatever

Basil Marceaux. The guy is running for Governor (or maybe Senator, or maybe both) in Tennessee.

Even for a redneck, he is un-flippin-believable.

I woulda SWORN this was bogus when I saw it on Wonkette.

But he's for real. Right down to removing the gold fringe from the American flag.

Bryan Williams' Freudian Slip is Showing

In concluding a report on the new Arizona immigration law, Williams referred to the "US - Arizona border." He corrected himself, but I think he was right the first time. And I think he thinks so, too.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Irony is Delicious

Have you seen all the rabid right-wingers with the bumper stickers that say, "Those who sacrifice freedom for liberty deserve neither"?

Well, first, the correct quotation is, "They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety." It was said by Benjamin Franklin.

Second, the folks most likely to display this sticker are members of the bush-Palin lunatic fringe... the ones who support things like the Patriot Act, the formation of the Department of Homeland Security, warrantless wiretapping, extraordinary rendition, and the suspension of habeus corpus.

In other words, they're the ones supporting the reductions of liberty in the "interests" of safety.

Cops: The Changes Over the Years

You know, the more I deal with today's law enforcement "professionals," the more grateful I am that I got out twenty years ago. These days, between the birthers, Sovereign Citizens, "patriots," tax protesters, Redemptionists, Oath Keepers, militias, "minutemen (1, 2)," tea partiers, anti-immigrationists , right-to-lifers (most of whom, inexplicably, are also rabidly in favor of capital punishment), Christianists, Dominionists, and just general racist assholes, I don't see how any member of any minority group -- which apparently includes people not believing that Palin and bush are gods -- could possibly expect fair treatment from the cops.

After all, police officers are the ones we expect to uphold the law and protect the weak. But, instead, we have cops claiming for themselves the exclusive right to function as judge, jury, and executioner, threatening to "cap your ass" if you don't support their twisted, Beck-inspired version of the Constitution.

The cops these days are completely out of control.

We have cops "mistaking" their sidearms for their Tasers (yeah, right).

They demand blind adherence to their every command, while blatantly violating the laws themselves.

When I was a kid, cops were respected and looked up to; now they're feared and despised... and for good reason, too.

How the hell can anyone respect them today?