Thursday, January 30, 2014

Gimme That Old Time Music

Found these young ladies -- "The Four Quarters" -- while looking for something on YouTube. This is the music I grew up on, but with prettier voices. It's good to see kids keeping the a capella tradition alive.

Gotta admit, they sound a lot better than we did, harmonizing in the boy's room...

And since I have girls doing songs made popular by male singers, it's only fair to have the guys doing girl band songs...

"The Coats"... who are obviously secure enough in their masculinity to be this foolish...

Friday, January 17, 2014

Gimme That Old Time Music

... And tonight, it's really old music.

First, the Chester Fife and Drum Corps, Chester, CT:

My uncle was a member of the Corps for something like 50 years. This is not the Col. John Chester Fife and Drum Corps, by the way.

That reminded me of their near-by competitors, the Ancient Mariners Fife and Drum Corps:


Although the Ancient Mariners have more members, they are a much newer group, founded in 1959. The Chester Corps dates from 1868.

The Ancient Mariners Fife and Drum Corps reminded of the completely-unrelated Ancient Mariners Dixieland Band (from MA):

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Gimme That Old Time Music - Bonus

For my common-law adopted daughter, who is finishing a vacation in Hawaii...

Why, yes, that IS Ringo Starr doing the second vocal.

Yup, a bonus bonus for you. Cause I like you.

Gimme That Old Time Music

Firefighting is serious business.

So is being trained at the fire academy.

(A twelve-minute version, showing part of the training the firefighters receive, is here)

Friday, January 10, 2014

Gimme That Old Time Music

For all my medical friends...

Another one,with apologies to Robert Palmer...

Yeah, About That...

Haven't yet, but with all the RWNJs out there, it's just a metter of time.


Monday, January 06, 2014

A Stolen Random Thought...

... from Mustang Bobby:

I have never seen an episode of either, so I have no idea if Downton Abbey is Duck Dynasty for the totebag contingent.

Good question...

Sunday, January 05, 2014

News From Rock Ridge...

"Badtux Johnson is RIGHT!"

"The Duckiban are coming!"

That is all.

Updated to add this comment: You know we're screwed when bin Laden looks friendlier and more reasonable.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Gimme That Old Time Music (and a Bonus)

Cause I'm in the mood for some Leon Redbone...

And a bonus track for all those having hissy fits and getting their panties in a wad because of "teh gay marriage:"

The long version... even though they're only capable
of playing with it for 45 seconds...

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Fresh Off the Scanner...

Just heard the Augusta Police Dept. on the scanner, talking about rivers of semen flooding out of the governor's mansion, as he realizes that he is the reason 70,000 Mainers now have NO health insurance. Reports indicate that Fat-Ass Paul LePage, he of more chins than a Chinatown phone book, is ejaculating like a freakin geyser.

State officials are suddenly worried about a Kleenex shortage.

Updated to add news photograph of Governor at back door of mansion...

Stupididity Rears Its Ugly Head on Facebook

This is making the rounds on Facebook...

207,548 "Likes" as of 3:00 PM Eastern
It is truly AMAZING just how INCREDIBLY STUPID some of our fellow Americans can get.
Among the ones who "liked" it when it showed up are a couple of local people who are bitching because our own teabaggin governor, the less-than-illustrious Fat-Ass Paul LePage, he of more chins than a Chinatown phone, book threw them off MaineCare.
THESE FARGIN' ICEHOLES "LIKE" THE PEOPLE WHO ARE TRYING TO KILL THEM, buncha Bible-thumpin', hooker-humpin', sister-marryin', rifle-rack-in-the-pickmup, duck-f***in', toothless, mouth-breathin' morans.
I wish there were some way of knowing how many folks chose "ignore"...

Happy 2014...

The lovely yet talented Mrs618 and I awoke to a glorious, bright, sunny morning, the start of a new year... and the realization that we have no medical insurance.


Our less-than-illustrious Teabaggin' Governor, Fat-Ass Paul LePage, he of more chins than a Chinatown phone book, whose entire family -- including his equally-fat-assed daughter Lauren "I Fell Out Of The Ugly Tree And Hit Every Branch On The Way Down" LePage --gets state-funded healthcare at tax payer expense, took advantage of the one part of the Affordable Care Act that the rethuglicans love.

Now that the ACA allows everyone to buy insurance on the open market, Fat-Ass was able to dump 70,000 Mainers off the roles of MaineCare, our Medicare program. The problem is, of course, one has to have the money to buy a policy on the open market, which is why the plan provides financial assistance for those making at least the Federal poverty level to 450% of the poverty level.

Those of us who are unemployed, or who otherwise fall below the poverty level do not qualify for financial assistance, so, for us, it's "AMF, YOYO"*

I doubt that any of the workers at Fat-Ass' previous employer, Marden's Junk Emporium (which makes Sanford and Son look like Neiman-Marcus) get insurance. Well, maybe one fat-assed part-time cashier did... whose Daddy just happened to be the boss.

This does explain, though, why Fat-Ass was so bound and determined to pay off the past-due Medicare payments to the hospitals. Now that they have this influx of "found money" -- cause, face it, Fat-Ass would never have paid them otherwise, preferring to use the money for tax cuts for the rich -- he can now completely screw over 70,000 Mainers.

We were at the hospital yesterday, getting one last round of blood work for Mrs618, and a bunch of us in the waiting room were talking. We agreed it seemed more crowded than usual. Then, one after another, we all said we were losing our insurance at midnight.

Guess what, Fat-Ass? Now that none of us have insurance, we'll have to wait longer before we bite the bullet when we get sick. We'll be far sicker, and we'll also be completely uninsured. You know what that means? That means the emergency room will become our primary care physician by default. We'll be a dead drain on the hospital's resources. The hospitals are, after all, required to render emergency care, regardless of the patient's ability to pay, so all the rich doctors who voted for you will see their income plummet because the hospitals have to provide minimal care for us at their own expense. You're taking money out of the pockets of the IDIOTS who voted you in. Great re-election strategy there, Fat-Ass.

About half the folks in the waiting room had voted for Fat-Ass, because they were the typical Bible-thumpin', hooker-humpin' sister-marryin', rifle-rack-in-the-pickmup, duck f***in', toothless, mouth breathin' morans who always vote Rethuglican, despite the fact that those same Rethuglicans inevitably screw them over. But most of them, yesterday, said they wouldn't vote to re-elect Fat-Ass, and a bunch of them said they wouldn't vote Rethuglican anymore period.

They even admitted that Fat-Ass did exactly what he said he would do during his campaigns: make Maine business-friendly (by cutting regulations, worker's rights, insurance costs, and social services). They were amazed that a politician -- especially a Rethuglican -- kept his word.

Fat-Ass's poorly-thought-out master stroke will also increase the drain on other social services, like fire and EMS squads. Folks will wait longer to call for help, so they'll be far sicker, requiring more intensive and expensive pre-hospital intervention. Guess who's going to wind up paying for that? Yup, the taxpayers. Hospital stays will be longer. More folks will be faced with the "heat, food, or medicine" quandary, probably resulting in increases in malnourishment and chronic hypothermia as well as more serious medical conditions.

The lovely yet talented Mrs618 has some serious, chronic medical issues. Her prescriptions -- without insurance -- run about $3,000 a month (according to the prescription labels affixed by our pharmacy).  My average monthly income is about $150.00, from the few per diem teaching gigs I can find.

Without some sort of assistance, my wife will die in less than a year.

Let me repeat that, in case you missed it:

Without some sort of assistance, my wife WILL DIE IN LESS THAN A YEAR.


Happy New Year, everyone.

* Look it up.