Tuesday, July 04, 2006

I'm Baaaaaack!

First of all, an apology: I haven't posted since late April, but there are some feeble excuses I can offer.

  • First, both the lovely-yet-talented Mrs 618 and I needed some time to recover from having to have the cat euthanized.
  • Second, I've been working many, many hours... and insane hours to boot (insane in the sense of an average of two first aid classes per week, on top of my regular duties).
  • Third, I spent three days becoming an instructor for Community Emergency Response Teams (or CERTs) -- a program where neighbors are trained to help neighbors after an emergency.
  • Fourth, we moved to new digs, and you all know how much fun that is.
  • Fifth, the lavish new 618Rants World Headquarters is far enough out of town that we cannot get DSL... or even cable TV. As a result, I've been stuck with dial-up, and our neighborhood has such old phone lines, the best speed I've gotten was 14.4K... usually I was lucky to get 9600. I've been trying to figure how to get the lovely-yet-talented one to let me get satellite Internets ($399 for the dish, $199 installation and $60 a month). And -- of course -- Blogger doesn't play well with dial-up.

The NEW 618Rants World Headquarters Building*

Anyway, what all this boils down to is that I just plain haven't had time to eat or sleep, never mind the little luxuries like having a life or even blogging.

Onto More Pressing Matters:

The multi-faceted, multi-talented Dark Wraith, in a comment (12th in the list) to this post at BlondeSense, suggests turning the Rovian campaign tactics on Joe Lieberman. BlondeSense contributor Jersey Cynic suggested drafting DW as a political strategist; at first, I agreed.

But now, I have an even better idea. I mean, even for me, this is friggin' brilliant.

Draft the Dark Wraith as our candidate for President.

The Wraith describes himself thusly:

...a college teacher and writer who specializes in economics, finance, mathematics, business administration, computer hardware and software skills, and English grammar and composition.

Obviously, these skills are not evident in the current administration. As I pointed out in a subsequent comment, "[a]fter all, those fields are scientific and reality-based, whereas we are dealing with the administration that takes pride in the fact that they make their own 'reality'".

Wouldn't it be nice to replace Dubya, Cheney, Dumsfeld, et al., with someone with actual intelligence?

* Not shown: the revolving time-and-temperature water tower.