Monday, March 28, 2011

Fat-Ass Paul LePage Chronicles, Part 5

Fat-ass Paul LePage, who said last week that a pro-labor mural mural in the Department of Labor building does not complement the department's "pro-business mission," had the mural removed over the weekend.  It seems LePage's actions were based on one -- count 'em, one -- anonymous fax from "a secret admirer."  Probably his equally fat-assed daughter, the ex-junkstore cashier now making $41,000 a year as special deputy fat-ass assistant to the chief of staff.

As Bill in Portland, Maine pointed out in his column last Friday on the Great Orange Satan:
Like Governors Scott Walker (WI), John Kasich (OH), Rick Snyder (MI) and Rick Scott (FL), LePage is recklessly overreaching, believing that there's some kind of tea party safety net underneath him that will catch his fall.  All of the governors cited above are watching their popularity sink like a stone, and I have no doubt that the next poll released about LePage will show similar results.
I think he may well be right.  A number of far-right wing whackjobs here in my general area -- the ones who voted for Fat-ass because he was "gonna cut all them 'titlements and dump all that librul crap" -- are now starting to regret having voted for Fat-ass.  Several doctors were initially proud of having voted for Fat-ass, based on his promises to cut government spending. Trouble is, the spending he wants to cut is medical reimbursements... to the doctors... who say (in effect), "Hey, don't cut MY payments, cut someone else's!"

And yet, these folks don't realize that Fat-ass is doing exactly what he promised he would do: eliminate every aspect of life in Maine that was not pro-big-business.  From Day One of his campaign, he made it clear his only constituency would be big business.

Kinda hard to have any sympathy for folks being screwed over by someone who promised to screw them over if given the chance.