Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Blue Gal Opens the GIANT Can of Whup-Ass

Blue Gal has an amazing piece up at her blog, ripping into the mouth-breathers for their condemnation of a woman who will not allow military recruiters to talk to her son. [Original emphasis].

These same people attacking Ms. Feigenbaum for adequate parenting conveniently fail to acknowledge that a military enlistment is the only legally binding contract a minor can enter into. A seventeen year old can join the Army, but they can not legally join the Columbia Record and Tape Club. Think about that one for a minute before you fetch the petrol and torches to burn this woman at the stake. You can commit to die for your country, but you can’t commit to purchase three CD’s at regular club prices? And which decision has the greatest impact on your life?


I am not a veteran, I did not serve during wartime and I was never active duty. But I fulfilled my obligation to the best of my physical ability, and I will say any damned thing I believe to be true and I will give no quarter. I earned the right to exercise my free speech. You have it too, because we paid for it for you. So do not ever try to deny me or anyone else that right to free speech, or the right to decline to serve. Not when me, and people like me, and people like my brother and sister and father and husband and nephew and cousins and uncles and aunts are why you enjoy the rights you enjoy as American citizens.

And do not dare question my patriotism or motivation for questioning this war and this president, I earned that right in a much more profound way than most of you can even comprehend, much less make honest claim to. I have put up, so yes, I will absolutely tell you to shut up when you are talking out your ass, and I will do so without apology. I earned that right, too. For me and for you.

Read the whole thing.

Without being familiar with her neighborhoods, I assume she referring to the typical rich, white, upper-class that thinks war is just hunky-dory... as long as someone else's kids do the fighting, and especially the dying.

By taking on the 101st Fighting Keyboarders (®TBogg), she has probably left herself open to all sorts of "Swift-Boat" vilification.

But I think we all owe her a debt of gratitude.

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