Thursday, November 09, 2006

A Man of Many Talents...

The Dark Wraith (who very kindly added my humble offering to his blogroll, as well as -- apparently -- that at Big Brass Blog) is a man of many talents:

[...] a college teacher and writer who specializes in economics, finance, mathematics, business administration, computer hardware and software skills, and English grammar and composition. His extensive writings on the history of the English language appeared on in the avatar of the Selig Wraith in the Medieval History Forum; and he now writes on economics and politics as the Dark Wraith, under which pen name he also publishes and hosts Big Brass Blog. In addition, he serves as the editor and publisher of the blogScream News Wire service.

He is also quite gifted in the graphics field:

Graphic courtesy of The Dark Wraith, used by permission.

I am SOOOOO glad I'm not George W. Bush....

1 comment:

  1. Good morning, Andrew.

    You most decidedly should be on my blogrolls at The Dark Wraith Forums and Big Brass Blog, and I should have done it sooner.

    That's one of the problems I'm having with getting old: I need to get things accomplished, but I keep forgetting what exactly it is that I'm supposed to be getting accomplished.

    It doesn't help at all, of course, when the Grim Reaper hangs around and keeps distracting me by tapping his foot and looking at his watch.

    That's downright rude, if you ask me.

    The Dark Wraith does not, however, want to ask him what it is he's waiting for.