Thursday, November 16, 2006

Michigan-Ohio Game*

I know that for some people -- my father and both brothers spring to mind -- football is a religion. And I know that Michigan and Ohio have been rivals since Don Imus crept from his mother's womb 103 years ago. And I even know both teams are going into the game with 11-0 records.

But this is just plain silly.

I heard on the radio today that the Department of Homeland Security has designated this weekend's game a "National Special Security Event", which is the same designation used for Presidential inaugurations, national political conventions and the like. This means the Secret Service is in charge of security for the event, assisted by DHS, FBI, DoD, and all the rest of the bureaucratic alpha-bits agencies.

All time off has been cancelled for the Columbus police and fire departments. The city is bringing in the county and state cops, and apparently every other uniformed group including the Cub Scouts.

The rumor mill even says the University of Michigan Police Dept is sending troops to Ohio for the game.

Now, is everyone over-reacting to a flippin' football game?... or do the dweebs at DHS figure this is a way to see a sold-out game?

*It seems to be legally required that every Michigan-based blogger comment on this game. I could give a rat's rectum about football. I was born in Brooklyn, NY, so I'm waiting for the Dodgers to finish off their extended road trip and come back home.

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