Thursday, November 23, 2006

Marginalizing george w bush

While I was posting a comment on the Dark Wraith's post (excerpted below), I decided to follow in the steps of Pissed-off Patricia and Skippy*, and to attempt to marginalize as much as possible the BlunderBoy preznit, by refusing to capitalize either his name or initials.

Thus far, all of the comments on DW's post has been positive, and pretty much all said -- in effect -- add my name to the list.

And, of course, DW is right. We, as liberals, should be grateful for george w. bush, as his arrogance, stupidity, laziness, and greed have energized what had been a semi-comatose electorate. As DW said:

I don't mean you, personally, but you as an attitude, a posture, a way of Americanism that had been lurking in the shadows all the years I was becoming complacent, all the years I was imagining a world becoming better. It was not; and it was not because you as a face of America had always been there waiting to return from the receding memories of Vietnam, Central America, and other places most people don't even know about.

I almost forgot, as I drifted into this century in a sort of self-assured, half-slumber of comfort about America's future.

You reminded me that my America is not everybody's America; and if I should want my America, I must be forever diligent, eternally at the guard, and permanently ready to fight for it, perhaps even with my life, which you, I am most certain, would be willing to take if I were to become too much a vexation to you and your kind.

The man is almost too good.

*Although in Skippy's case, I don't know if it's marginalizing commander codpiece or just a permanently-missing shift key...

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  1. I use lower case on purpose to show my disrespect for the bastard. He hasn't earned even a capital B yet. Once I left a comment at a site and used the lower case in his name. Some other commenter told me that it was apparent that I didn't love jesus if I wrote bush's name that way. Go figure.