Friday, November 24, 2006

Smirkmonkey To Congress: "Cheney You"

Today's New York Times has a story with some real money quotes about the george w bush administration. [All emphasis added]

“I expect real answers, or we’ll have testimony under oath until we get them,” Senator Patrick J. Leahy of Vermont, who will head the committee beginning in January, said in an interview this week. “We’re entitled to know these answers, and in many instances we don’t get them because people are hiding their mistakes. And that’s no excuse.”

Leahy describes the administration as having been "obsessively secretive", an obsession that John Dean, Nixon's counsel, describes as "worse than Watergate".

The article also quotes DoJ spokesdrone Brian Roehrkasse:

“The department will continue to work closely with the Congress as they exercise their oversight functions, and we will appropriately respond to all requests in the spirit of that longstanding relationship,” said a department spokesman, Brian Roehrkasse. “When making those decisions, it is vital to protect national security information, particularly when they relate to sensitive intelligence programs that are the subject of oversight by the Intelligence Committees. We also must give appropriate weight to the confidentiality of internal executive branch deliberations.”

In other words, f*ck you, Congress.

Thus far, the administration has "work[ed] closely" with Congress only when it was in the interests of the administration; otherwise, the bushies have told Congress to go Cheney themselves. And bush has already decided (remember, he's "the Decider") that he and only he has the "right" to determine what affects "national security." And as far as "the confidentiality of internal executive branch deliberations" goes... well, Cheney's energy policy, anyone?

I am constantly amazed that anyone in the bush administration can utter total lies like this without choking... or bursting into hysterical laughter. The bush cabal has carried "secrecy" to lengths that could only have been dreamt of in the old USSR.

"Yeh, we'll deal with Congress in a full spirit of cooperativity. Sure. We will. Yup. Heh, heh. Jes' the same way we dealt with Congress on Afghanistanistan and Eye-raq's nukular weapons. An' if they don't lahk it we'll ship their butts to Gitmo. Heh, heh."

And this website has a chilling comparison:

The guy on the right is serial killer Ted Bundy. A reader comments: "But you know what's even creepier? It's not even a physical resemblance. It's an aura, it's a glow, it's the creepy madman glowing out of the smirk."And here's a plug for the best ever article about Bush.

And if you want to read more about Bundy, try here.

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