Tuesday, November 14, 2006

More Early Mornin' Bits 'n' Pieces...

A Los Angeles fire captain is in serious trouble:

“A veteran Los Angeles city fire captain tortured a female acquaintance before he strangled her last summer, an accusation that makes him eligible for the death penalty, according to a Los Angeles County grand jury indictment unsealed in court Wednesday. "

Or, he’ll be scouted by the Bushies for recruitment to Club Fed/Gitmo… [emphasis added]

A 23-year department veteran, Del Toro had been the supervisor of Fire Station 1 in Lincoln Heights and had trained firefighters in stress management and prevention of sexual harassment, despite a history of domestic violence allegations against him. The case highlighted the Fire Department's failure to track domestic abuse within its ranks.

This is absolutely inexcusable.

Homicide investigators followed a trail of blood from the body to Del Toro's home, sources said.

Yup, that’s stupid enough to be a Bushie.
Daily Kos front-pager DarkSyde has an interesting article comparing George W. Bush to Wile E. Coyote: [emphasis added]

It's really difficult to judge which is more pathetic: That George Bush has to rely on Daddy's friends to bail him (And the entire nation) out from the consequences of his own piss-poor decisions, again, or that Baker and Gates may now have to essentially beg Iran and Syria to pitch in and save the Bush Family name.

Yup, that works.

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