Friday, November 24, 2006

Love Thy Brother. Riiiiiiight.

Via 42's blog Weapon of Mass Disturbance, I found this article on the NFL , the thugs the league employs, and a quote on just how "Christian" the Christianists really are:

The authors point out several examples of the NFL's acceptance of off-field violence. In April 1997, the St. Louis Rams selected Texas Christian University center Ryan Tucker in the fourth round of the NFL draft. At the time, Tucker was awaiting trial for an assault that left the victim paralyzed and brain-damaged. When asked about Tucker's legal difficulties, coach Dick Vermeil replied, "He can finish a fight. That's a positive."

Okay, Texas CHRISTIAN University, check. Assault that left the victim "paralyzed and brain-damaged", check. "He can finish a fight", check.


A "Christian" university, and they didn't throw his ass out?

Give me a frickin' break.

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