Saturday, November 18, 2006

Pokin' 'Round the Blogs...

Part One

The Blue Girl in the Red State (and there must be an easier way to refer to her) has an interesting post up on the Missouri elections, and the rationale underlying it. Well worth the read.

Just a snippet as an appetizer:

Terry Price, we absolutely know what we have done. We have replaced a senator who had more interest in serving K Street than he had with serving his constituents. We fired a senator who voted to suspend Habeus Corpus and legitimize torture, as well as repeal Posse Comitatus and The Insurrection Acts. We voted against Jim Talent and his 94% endorsement of the policies of George Bush, not against George Bush. We voted against a senator who skipped 65 of 95 Senate Armed Services Committee meetings while touting his service on that committee. We knew exactly who we were voting for, and more importantly, we knew precisely who we were voting against. We too believe the country was headed over a cliff and Jim Talent was reading the map for George Bush as he steered us farther and farther off course.

As I say, well worth it.

Part Two

Bob's Links and Rants -- a neighbor of mine, even though we haven't met -- discusses Rumsfeld addressing the American Spectator Annual Dinner on the 16th, praising economist Milton Friedman.

Then he points out:

This morning's headline?

Nobel laureate economist Milton Friedman dies at 94

You're probably wondering, as I was, who else Rummy mentioned in his speech: Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney, Senators Lamar Alexander (R-TN) and Jeff Sessions (R-AL), and President Bush.

Just saying.

We should be so lucky.

Part Three

Anntichrist S. Coulter is still raising money for her friend Leola. If you could send them even a couple of bucks, it would help offset some truly horrendous medical bills. And if PayPal doesn't like you, the way they don't like me, Annti has a smail mail address for the fund.

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