Monday, November 13, 2006

Chattin' With Mr. C.

I was chatting earlier today with Mr. Conservatard, discussing the various possibilities for the remainder of the Bush reign. Mr. C. said he believes the administration will be pushing to pass as much legislation – Bolton to the UN, wiretapping, the rest of his “unitary executive” crap – as they can before the 110th Congress takes over. I tend to agree with him on all but one point: he said Bush was formulating these plans.


Bush couldn’t formulate a glass of chocolate milk given a gallon of Hood’s finest and a jug of Hershey’s syrup.

There’s no doubt somebody is formulating something, but I’m inclined to believe it’s Cheney and Rove, or possibly Poppy’s “A-Team” that Junior had to call in to bail out his butt yet again.

As Digby points out: [emphasis added]

I hope people understand that James Baker and Robert Gates are in the Bush family business not the "wise old sage who will do what's right for the country" business. Indeed, their entire lives have been devoted to bailing out Bushes. (And they haven't always been successful. Jimmy may have pulled one out for Junior in Florida, but he was called back, much against his will, to get Poppy re-elected and failed.) Their job is simply to try to save Junior from ignominy and that is not necessarily what is in the best interest of the US or Iraq.

Digby then quotes the ever-wonderful Molly Ivins:

Jim Hightower's great line about Bush, "Born on third and thinks he hit a triple," is still painfully true. Bush has simply never acknowledged that not only was he born with a silver spoon in his mouth -- he's been eating off it ever since. The reason there is no noblesse oblige about Dubya is because he doesn't admit to himself or anyone else that he owes his entire life to being named George W. Bush. He didn't just get a head start by being his father's son -- it remained the single most salient fact about him for most of his life. He got into Andover as a legacy. He got into Yale as a legacy. He got into Harvard Business School as a courtesy (he was turned down by the University of Texas Law School).

He got into the Texas Air National Guard -- and sat out Vietnam -- through Daddy's influence. (I would like to point out that that particular unit of FANGers, as regular Air Force referred to the "Fucking Air National Guard," included not only the sons of Governor John Connally and Senator Lloyd Bentsen, but some actual black members as well -- they just happened to play football for the Dallas Cowboys.) Bush was set up in the oil business by friends of his father.

He went broke and was bailed out by friends of his father. He went broke again and was bailed out again by friends of his father; he went broke yet again and was bailed out by some fellow Yalies.

Ivins hardly paints the picture of Bush as a master thinker (he’s probably more of a master baiter).

Despite his claims of being “The Decider”, Bush seems to lack even the most rudimentary decision-making skills. Hell, he probably needs Laura – or at least his valet – to tell him which shoe goes on which foot (“George, your shoes are on the wrong feet again”… “But, Lauuuuraaaaa, theeeese are the only feet I haaaaaaave!”).

Obviously, Mr. C. is right in that the Bushies will try to get their agenda passed before the grownups return, if for no other reason than to give the Democrats as much trouble as possible when they try to reverse Bush’s assorted disasters. Face it, the more problems the Republicans accumulate, the harder it will be for the Democrats to solve them. The harder the Dems have to work, the more the Republicans can bitch about how the Democrats aren’t doing anything. And you know those lying sack-o-shit Republicans will very conveniently forget just who caused all these problems in the first place.

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