Sunday, December 25, 2005

Tis' the Season...

Happy Holidays
The 618 Rants Family
Ok, I'm not sure what is politically correct to say anymore with all the shit being slung around Capitol Hill. All I know is I want everyone to enjoy this season what ever it is you celebrate, just do it and feel a bit of joy.
What you are about to witness may actually may make you smile or giggle a bit,( in a sugary way) and I know that is not something that 618 promotes. The kid's wanted to be a part of wishing you a happy holiday too, and they like the fact
that they are now world famous, especially Jake, he pranced about for an hour after being told he was now officially on the internet. So here they are pretending to be Santa's reindeer.

As you can see, Fang was not too thrilled to be wearing the antlers,
but Emily as usual took it all in stride.

As you can see Jenna was having no part of these reindeer games, although she
does love
hiding under the tree

So from our family to yours have a wonderful holiday weekend !

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