Thursday, December 22, 2005

NYC Transit Strike

I know there are many more important issues going on in the world today, but as a former New Yorker, I hope the MTU gets what they are looking for. They work hard shuttling the mass' through out our grand Gothem, and most of the time get treated like crap because they aren't a part of the upwardly mobile folks. They do some of the hardest work in that city, they keep the tunnels clear the buses and trains clean and running, ( personally i wouldn't want to be cleaning up some drunks piss or vomit) all the while rarely being thanked or appriciated for all they do.

Gov. Pataki, Mayor Bloomberg get off your collective asses and show these people you appriciate them and all they do, forget the fines,the days of slave labor are over, and I thought the city no longer condoned sweatshops... lets pay these people what they are worth. Does the average MTA worker make at least as much money as your personal drivers do? (Oh wait Mayor Bloomberg, I believe you stated you took the trains, as you weren,t afraid of the bomb threats a few months ago. Or do you really only use them for the press op?) ( I KNOW I WOULD WANT A RAISE AND BETTER BENNIE'S FOR WORKING UNDER THOSE CONDITIONS) If they don't you should be ashamed. Your drivers are responsible for the safety of one human being on a regular basis, these people are ensuring the safe transit of millions of people every day. God bless every one of them, I have driven in that insane traffic ( Boston is much worse) once, after that, for five years I relied on the MTA, as they are the pro's.

I am truly sorry for the Firefighter who as injured while riding his bike to work, I hope you recover quickly. I'm sure in the long run you can understand why the MTU had to strike, like our fine firefighters and boy's in blue you all do difficult jobs with little recongnition, you all keep people safe in one of the largest cities in the world, and you all deserve to be compensated accordingly.
Tony Bennett may have left his heart in San Frascico, but me, I will always be a N.Y.C. girl at heart. I will always praise the fine work of the blue collar folks in that city, as they are the ones who make it all run so smoothly.
If any of you happen to be in Times Square on New Years Eve after all the confetti drops, go back out about 6 a.m. , you won't find a trace of the night before. And if you are there take a moment and thank a city worker, your hotel maid or bellperson, they appriciate it almost as much as the tip I hope you will be kind enough to leave them.

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