Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Coupla Quickies...

...in no particular order...

Bush Authorizes Spying on U.S. Citizens

Disgusting, truly disgusting. The man has no sense of decency. But then,what else would we expect from a man(?) who calls the Constitution of the United States a "goddamned piece of paper"? More on this later....

Intelligent Design Bitch-Smacked in Pennsylvania

Best news I've heard in weeks, especially since the judge did such a thorough job of pointing out how ID is just creationism in a new wrapper. One of the writers at Kos (I think) pointed out the irony of calling ID non-religious, then screaming religious persecution when it was booted out of the curriculum.

Guest Blogging

Okay, so maybe Kevin Drum and Josh Marshall, and TBogg and Jesus' General get more hits than I do. And maybe Atrios and Kos get more hits in a minute than I've gotten since I started this. But they don't have the lovely-yet-talented Mrs. 618 as a guest blogger... and I do.

So there. Nyah-nyah-nyah.

And a special reminder to all my readers (if any)...

We must all take the time to be thankful for those special folks who make life bearable, especially in these troubled times. The holidays aren't joyous occasions for everyone... it's also the season when suicides peak. For some, the holiday season may be a reminder that they're alone, or broke, or far from home, or in ill health, or any number of any other problems.

Take the time to give your loved ones a hug, and for those far away, there is Dr. Bell's invention. I'm in Michigan, my folks are in Maine, and my surviving brother is in Connecticut (I lost my youngest brother this past summer, but I did get to see his two boys -- 11 and 7 -- this year). Some wonderful friends live in northern California and Memphis, and while I can't be with them, I want them to know they're in our thoughts.

To the ex-cop and the ex-artist, happy holidays and remember... there're a couple of folks in Michigan who care about ya.

And remember our servicemen and -women, far from home, in execrable conditions, in constant danger, probably as the result of brazen lies, but still doingwhat they do best: protecting America.

And on Christmas Day (and the other holidays, of course), say a little silent "thank you" to the cops and firemen and paramedics and bus drivers and newsboys and journalists (except the make-believe journalists at Faux) and telephone operators andall the others who are working to make the day easier for you.

Thanks, and bless you all.

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