Tuesday, December 13, 2005

More Religious Intolerance

The far-right wing Talibangelical theocratic fascists are at it again:

A lesbian woman will challenge an appeals court ruling that permitted two doctors to claim a religious defense in their refusal to artificially inseminate her.

"[Brody] believes that participating in the [fertilization procedure], she is acting as the male," Coppo said. "It is an elective, invasive procedure, and to be there for the moment of conception, she religiously can't participate."
With doctors trying this crap, it's just a matter of time till some quack claims that his or her "religious beliefs" "prevent" him or her from treating homosexuals. Of course, their "religious beliefs" don't prevent these same doctors from being like the money-changers in the Temple (even if it involves fraudulently billing Medicare to maximize their income).

It seems simple to me. If your religious beliefs prohibit abortion, artificial insemination, etc., don't work at a women's clinic. And if your religious beliefs prohibit contraceptives, don't become a pharmacist.

These yahoos seem to feel that their religious beliefs supercede everyone else's beliefs... and rights. Yet, if one has the balls to criticize these narrow-minded bigots, they're the first ones to scream discrimination.

At least some companies are taking the right approach. Walgreen's recently suspended four pharmacists for trying to pull the "Target my-beliefs-preclude-me-from-doing-the-job-you hired-me-to-do" defense. Of course, the fact that Illinois has a state law requiring pharmacists to fill legally-issued prescriptions may have something to do with it. One result of Walgreen's action is that they will be getting the money the lovely-yet-talented Mrs 618 and I had previously spent at "Tar-get-your-Plan-B-somewhere-else".

The growing religious intolerance in this country is starting to really scare me.

We're becoming more like the old Soviet Union every day. Or Afghanistan. Or Texas.

These right-wing neoconpoops have GOT to do.

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