Thursday, December 15, 2005

DoD Surveillance?

I'm sure everyone has heard that DoD (Dept of Duh-fense) has hopped into the Way-Back Machine and has resumed conducting surveillance (and building dossiers) on anti-war protestors, including a Quaker study group.

This is another one of those brilliant ideas to come out of the administration that flies in the face of that goddamned piece of paper. You'd think the government -- and especially DoD -- would remember the crap that hit the fan the first time around. I mean, it's not like any of the administration's members were out of the country or anything.

The supreme arrogance of these clowns would be amazing if it weren't so damned sad. The bozos in DC are so paranoid about retaining their grip on power that they are willing to sell the Constitution -- and the rest of what this country stands for -- down the river.

They have no pride. Or honor, for that matter.

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