Sunday, December 18, 2005

This Weeks Late Guest Blogger...


Good evening everyone, as usual I'm a day late and a dollar short...story of my life.
I just got pissed because what I had written got lost in the cyber abyss and I wasn't
in the mood to start over.
So tonight you will be getting a Sunday pet blog.
I would like for you to meet "The Great Lakes Pasture Wolf's " smaller but much more
tenacious cousin Fang.
Now 618Rants and Fang are a hoot to watch, as 618 is not Fangs biggest fan,but Fang LOVE's to irritate the hell out of 618. I personaly enjoy this, and think the reason Fang bugs Andrew so much is because the both like to stir the pot of shit, see what kind of reaction they get, then walk away.

Fang often gets told to put his tooth away, when the little queen doesn't feel like listening he likes to fall back on his latino background ( he is part Pug and part Chihuahua) and gives you this look that screams "No Comprende English".
No matter how aggravated you may be with him, it usually makes you laugh.
Fang...a.k.a. Jake has always had Huge personality in a compact body. From the day we brought him home he has kept my mother and I wrapped around his little dew claw. He was the runt of the litter and the shelter sent him home with a stuffed animal that had been in with his brothers and sisters. Now most pups would snuggle up to this toy to feel secure, so we put it in his bed with him , he threw it out twice that evening, the next day he proceeded to chew it to shreds.
He also doesn't like going to the vet as one of the vet techs adopted his brother and makes sure he is there when Jake has an appointment. One paticular visit Jake actually lifted his leg and peed on him. I truly believe if pets had a political affilation Jake would be a democrat, as he being the little guy pissed on his own brother becaused he was treated so badly. ( I wonder if Jebby would piss on the L.S.O.S for screwing him out of a potential promotion, cuz lets face it folkes after the master of lies has ruined any chance of another shrub getting that job. I don't think any Americian wants to see any of our boys roaming that desert for another 40 years.)
Well I guess I should wrap this up, I hope you have enjoyed your introduction to Fang as I'm sure you will get to know him as well as the other "kids" in the weeks to come.( I'll stick to the usual Thurs pet blog from now on)
Oh Andrew...Y.Y.D.!

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