Sunday, January 14, 2007

Response: Pet Blogging Update

Hello! Mrs. 618 here. I do feel at times like the gate keeper for the animals. Am I starting my own cat colony? Not intentionally. If the farmer up the road believed in spaying and neutering, things would be a lot better. And you will not see us on 'Animal Cops Detroit," although if 618 had his way, we would be the humane society. While I love animals, I feel it very important to stress that, like children, each house has its limit. I love Emily & Joey, and we are still working with Mr. Bailey, to see if he will integrate into our little family, but both he and Joey need to be nutted as 618 refers to it.

Ms. Sadie is always a welcome guest; if she can't sneak in she has learned to tap on the window then go to the door to be let in.

I wish I had had my camera the other day as we had an awesome Kodak moment: Emily the lab was stretched out on her side on the bed, then Joey snuggled into her belly on his side and Ms. Sadie nicely spooned into his tummy. How blessed we are to have this odd little family, but it works. Mama always said I should live on a farm, lots of kids and lots of pets to love. We're set with the pets... and the kids... well, that’s up to a higher power.

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