Saturday, January 27, 2007

BadTux 4 Preznit!

My good friend, the gentlebird from Kah-lee-forn-yah, has announced the formation of an exploratory committee to investigate becoming the preznidential candidate of the Birthday Party.

BadTux originally thought about enlisting Opus as his running mate; I, however, thought that would overload the ticket toward the penguin constituency, and suggested he ask Bill the Cat instead. Yes, I am taking credit for the recommendation, despite what the gentlebird says about his campaign advisors talking him into it.

One of the many things we'd never have to worry about (image swiped from Atrios' "The bestest most funniest blog post ever"):

Would that be this turkey?

I urge you all to welcome...

The Next Preznit of the United States.

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