Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Light Posting Coming Up

There will probably light posting for the next few days, as the AC adapter on my laptop bought the farm last night, I still haven't ordered a copy of XP to install on the lovely yet talents Mrs 618's machine (when I bought it, it had Linux loaded), and my old Windows box is as dead as Jeb Bush's preznidential hopes.

I saw on the news last night that when Gerald Ford's body arrived in Grand Rapids, the first people allowed in for viewing were Boy Scouts, in honor of Ford's having been an Eagle Scout. I thought that was a nice touch. Being an Eagle Scout is a very hard goal to achieve, and to have their effort rewarded this way, in honor of one of their fallen brothers, probably means a lot to these kids. george w. bush, when he dies, will probably have coke dealers, drunks, and oil execs as his first viewers.

I know everybody made fun of Ford for his stumbles, but an awful lot of them were due to trying to walk two Labradors on leashes by himself. That would topple anyone.

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  1. Hey Andrew - did you see the piece about Homeland Security finding that - Surprise! - interoperable communications is a fiasco! That's my first hand experience.

    Here is the article from the Boston Globe that I linked to.