Sunday, January 14, 2007

Flame: bush Shows No Empathy, Compassion, Understanding

Flame has an excellent post up at Blondesense, lambasting BlunderBoy preznit, and coming up with one of the best descriptions yet of LordGodKing Dick-n-george's approach to reality:

He has show no empathy towards the sacrifice of our sons and daughters in the armed services, he has no compassion or understanding towards the families and lives that they left behind. He gives wounded soldiers that oh so vacant stare and arrogant smirk, he doesn't even bother to remember the names of the family members of the fallen (and its not like he agrees to meet with a whole lot of them, really, how hard is it to remember the woman's name? Don't call her 'Mom' - she's not your mother, her child is dead thanks to your effing stupidity).

Of course bush has shown no empathy, compassion, or understanding. He has no concept of what they are. The "oh so vacant stare and arrogant smirk" are his entire existence.

He is simply being what he has ALWAYS been. That snotty, spoiled rich kid frat boy who always had Daddy and Daddy's money to bail him out.

Yup, that is george w bush, The Decider, to a "T".

And you wondered why I keep hitting BlondeSense? It's because of pieces like this.

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