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Anntichrist Hits the Nail on the Head

Anntichrist S. Coulter has the following posted at BlondeSense. It is reprinted below with her permission. Annti emphasized, moreover, that her permission encompassed the following:

Sure, Andrew, go ahead, but I only ask two other things: 1. NO TYPOS (and I want all of the cussing included, so no editing goes with no typos), and 2. Link back to BlondeSense, k?
As far as typo's go, this was copied and pasted directly from BlondeSense, so any typos were in the original. Cussing is included, of course - I've never been shy with my own language, so why change hers? Especially since toning down the language would dilute or destroy the sense of her message. I did have to re-create the links (thank you, blogspot); I am pretty sure I got them all. Also, I did the best I could to re-create the colors used in her post.

My commentary is at the end.

Anntichrist's post:

Nice fuckin' priorities, Southeastern.

I've been following this case of a student teacher at Southeastern Louisiana University: The woman in question was denied her education degree because she objected to the preaching & praying that was foisted upon her by the teacher in charge of her student-teaching assignment. Cynthia Thompson had the ACLU file a suit on her behalf against SLU and the Tangipahoa Parish School Board, as she was not allowed to graduate or complete her student-teaching requirements because she complained to the school board and SLU about being insulted and offended by her "mentor teacher's" in-class prayers, requiring students to bring bibles to school, etc.

Thompson objected to Pamela Sullivan, a fourth-grade teacher at D.C. Reeves Elementary in Ponchatoula (also the home of Hosanna Church, where they molested children and killed animals in bizarre cult rituals) constantly shoving christianity down the children's throats and down Thompson's throat. The University, after Thompson registered complaints about Sullivan's constant pressure and proselytizing, kicked Thompson out of the teaching program two weeks before graduation. When Thompson originally went to file the complaint, a staff member of the University grabbed her hand and prayed for "divine intervention."

The University is also threatening Thompson with complete expulsion if she won't hand over her 75-cent notebook journal that she kept during her student-teaching assignment. Not only is she expected to join-up and shut up with the cult activities on campus and off, but she is also being denied even the privacy of HER OWN FUCKING THOUGHTS.

See? It's not just me. Anybody who doesn't do the lock-step christian goosestep in Louisiana schools is not only screwed out of a job and/or career, they're also ostracized and prevented from ever teaching AGAIN, at least in that particular parish.

I just wish that Katrina had skipped St. Bernard & Orleans Parishes and headed straight up the Tickfaw River to Tangipahoa. Well, not entirely --- 'cause then we wouldn't have strawberry season, and I'd have to kill somebody if I didn't get my Ponchatoula/Tickfaw strawberries every year. But it would definitely be a good thing if most of those churches were wiped off of the planet by a force of nature. Maybe they'd finally take a hint from the universe, who knows...

And this is hardly an isolated incident with the Tangipahoa Parish School Board. The Louisiana ACLU has had to file FOUR lawsuits against these nutbags, including one where they have repeatedly flauted court orders to stop praying during public school board meetings, complete with bible-banging picketers outside the school board offices at every meeting. These people aren't just batshit crazy, they're PROUD OF IT. The arrogance of psychotic christians in this country is a little too much sugar for a fucking nickel. They really do think that they OWN this country, and that THEIR CULT not only enables them, but EMPOWERS THEM to OVERRIDE THE FUCKING U.S. CONSTITUTION AND EVERY AMENDMENT THEREOF.

Does it take a huge logical leap to understand how the more-arrogant-than-fuck Cheney minions are fucking-over our entire country with nary a FLINCH of guilt or even acknowledgement of their CRIMES?!?! It's the same smug, Jerry-Springer-guest, idiotic IGNORANCE of what the laws in this country REALLY ARE, that these bible-banging mouth-breathers think that they can use as "common law."

Guess what, folks? The United States Of America doesn't have an official religion. The FIRST FUCKING AMENDMENT TO OUR CONSTITUTION FORBIDS IT. So no, you're not allowed or enabled to use your middle-management municipal pencil-pusher job to proselytize to the unwashed masses. You cannot make christianity a JOB REQUIREMENT for any PUBLICLY-PAID POSITION.

GET A FUCKING CLUE, ALREADY, YOU ASSHOLES. Municipal and state jobs do NOT exist so that you can use your position to SHOVE JEEBUS DOWN THE THROATS OF THOSE WHOM YOU ARE PAID TO SERVE.

I agree with Anntichrist that way too many of these lunatics are proud of their lunacy. It is, unfortunately, a lunacy that sees to be spreading: evangelizing at the Air Force Academy, Pat Robertson calling for the assasination of Hugo Chavez, the comments about killing Islamic leaders and coverting their people -- forcibly, presumably -- to Christianity, and all the other crap.

These people are blind to something any thinking person can see: they have perverted Christianity to their own deviant ends (something I wrote about earlier). In fact, the current crop of "Christian" extremists has much more in common with the Taliban and other fundamentalists "Islamofascists" than they do with real Americans. These are the people who are doing their damnedest to drag us -- (formerly) the greatest nation on Earth -- into their ideal society: a 13th century theocracy.

These people need to go away. Now.

UPDATE: I should have pointed out originally that BlondeSense has been on my bloroll ever since I figured out how to make the damn thing work.

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