Tuesday, March 07, 2006

From the "My Bad" Department...

This was supposed to have gone up on February 27th... but I just found it in Blogger... as a draft. When I get as many hits as Kos, Atrios, TBogg, or the General , I'll get a "real" domain of my own. That's the only way the lovely-yet-talented Mrs 618 will let me spend the money.

I have been remiss about posting recently, but I have a couple of excuses (a little trick I picked up from the Bushies, making sure everything is always somebody else’s fault).

First, I’ve been working my butt off. Aha, I hear you say, how is that someone else’s fault? Easy. Dear Leader’s Glorious Economic Miracle® -- which means that wages have actually decreased for most people – coupled with the fact that the lovely yet talented Mrs. 618 has been unable to find meaningful employment (because out-sourcing to India is “good for the economy”), means that I have to work more hours to keep a roof over our heads and/or food on the table. So it’s Preznit’s fault.

Second, we sorta-kinda lost the DSL for a few days. Some silly disagreement about how binding billing dates are with the phone company (MSSBC/ATT/BellSouth/Verizon, this week). As to why the payment was delayed, see above. Again, Preznit’s fault.

Third, the Olympics. Neither the lovely yet talented Mrs. 618 nor I give a rat’s ass about curling, speed skating, or even [heretical gasp] slalom skiing. Therefore, we watched movies… Backdraft, The Three Musketeers (the Sheen/Sutherland/Pratt/O’Donnell rendition), Bodyguard, etc. Because these are all good movies – in their own way – I got distracted watching them and wasn’t able to post. I needed – really needed – the escape from what Dear Leader has done to the world. So, again, Preznit’s fault.

Oh, yeah, fourth. I’ve been teaching first aid classes for the Red Cross. Say what you will about the fumbles in their responses to 9-11, Katrina, and Rita – and they did drop the ball once or twice – I still think the Red Cross is one of the best organizations going. First aid/CPR classes, lifesaving classes for your kid’s swimming instructors, blood bank operations, disaster response (and remember, they were there in NOLA, but FEMA wouldn’t let them in), and services to the Armed Forces… you just can’t beat the Red Cross when it comes to helping out when the shit hits the fan. The Salvation Army does an excellent job too, of course, but they’re a little too religious for me.

Anyway, on to the good part: making fun of the mouth-breathin’, Bible-thumpin’, hooker-humpin’, sister-marryin’, rifle-rack-in-the-pickmup neocon wingnut crowd.

• The South Dakota legislature passed a bill effectively banning all abortions (the only exception is to safe the life of the mother). Dear Leader’s mindless little pseudo-Christian drones are thrilled because, after all, banning abortions will eliminate unwanted pregnancies by eliminating pre-marital or recreational sex. They seem to feel it will also eliminate rape, incest, and the rest of the pastimes enjoyed by the likes of Little Ricky “Man on Dog” Santorum, “Felafel” Bill O’Rielly (the terrorist sympathizer), and the rest. There’s no indication if the new law will eliminate Veeps shooting hunting companions.

• Preznit, after whuppin’ us all into a God-fearing, hysterical hatred of all things “Moozlim”, has decided to sell control of twenty-one American ports to… wait for it… the United ARAB Emirates. Yup, boys and girls, after spending the last five years telling us how evil the “towel-heads” are, he’s giving them our ports. Part of the sale, by the way, allows port operators – like the UAE – full access to DHS and Coast Guard security operational plans… which will make it real frickin easy for them to – maybe – help al Qaeda smuggle in terrorists or a dirty bomb. Face it, if you have the enemy’s plan book sitting right in front of you, it’s easy enough to find loopholes. Even Frist, Santorum, and Delay are pissed about Preznit’s latest “enrich our buddies and screw the rest” move.

• There are a bunch of states considering bans on adoptions by same-sex couples. I guess the mouth-breathers figure that having a mom and dad will give the kids a better chance in life. This is despite the fact that there are thousands of kids (in the US alone) waiting for adoption. Of course, having both a mom and dad has worked for the mouth-breathers… they’re the ones who keep molesting their own kids. Maybe they just want to keep the supply up. Not that mouth-breathers adopt, mind you, they just breed early and often (and they don’t bother going outside the immediate family, either).

On a more serious note, Tristero at Digby writes about safe and legal medical care issues involved with the SD abortion ban (emphasis added):

I haven't addressed the right to safe and legal medical care very much in the past. The reason is that it is self-evident that all citizens have a right to such care, even if they are poor. Therefore, what's there to argue over? The fury over the use of coat hangers has always puzzled me. Yes, honest people can come to radically different conclusions as to whether their pregnancy should or should not be terminated. But an American government clearly has no right to impose a conclusion. Therefore the politicization of the abortion issue has always struck me as a thinly disguised war against providing safe health care to the poor, especially women, rather than anything that engages a genuine moral issue which, in abortion's case, is a private one.

I have to agree. This is just one more attempt to maintain the stranglehold of the "haves" over the "have-nots".

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