Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Forward into the Past, Part Whatever

Now that abortion is virtually illegal in South Dakota (and ain't no way the current SCOTUS is gonna overturn the new law, not with Roberts and Alito), those mouth-breathin', Bible-thumpin', hooker-humpin', sister-marryin', rifle-rack-in-the-pickmup neocon wingnuts in Missouri -- the "Don't Show ME" state -- are pushing a (non-binding, thank God) bill that would designate Christianity as the official religion in Missouri. The Intelligent Design crowd (there's an oxymoron!) are still trying to cloak their creationist crap as science, not religion (and crying religious discrimination when they lose). Preznit, Dumsfeld, and the rest of the DC MO-rons are still claiming (a) no civil war, (b) impending victory, and (c) everything's hunky-dory in Iraq. Cheney's been inviting Democrats and moderate Republicans (another oxymoron) togo hunting with him.


Forward into the past. Yup. Stay the course and bring 'em on.

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