Tuesday, March 07, 2006

MORE Goddamned Lunacy from Preznit...

Preznit doing his best to support outsourcing... since it's "good for the economy"......

  • The U.S. Forest Service is studying how to contract out more than two-thirds of its total workforce by 2009, according to agency planning documents released recently by Public Employees for Environmental Responsibility, the national association of workers in natural resources agencies.
Sure, why the hell not? Everything else is being outsourced, so why not pay Halliburton to fly forest firefighters from Bangalore to Los Angeles County? Halliburton's done such a wonderful frickin job so far, right?

  • In addition to Bush administration plans to sell off 300,000 acres of Forest Service land included in the fiscal 2007 budget proposal to Congress....
Just think, someday we can drive our kids past the chained, barred, gated entrance to Exxon/Mobil State Profit Park, or the Grand Canyon Toxic Waste Environmental Enhancement Zone, or the Arctic Oil Field Refuge...

  • ...the agency also is seeking to privatize environmental, law enforcement, firefighting, engineering, and research positions.
Let's see. Wanna bet Halliburton gets these contracts too?

  • In fiscal 2007, approximately half of the agency's law enforcement agents and rangers, 600 positions, the jobs of all of its geologists, 500 jobs, and 1,100 biologists who prepare environmental studies on the impacts of timber sales, oil and gas leasing, and other actions on national forest lands may be put out to bid.
All going to Halliburton.

God help us all.

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