Monday, March 20, 2006

Ministry of Homeland Insecurity Strikes (Out) Again

In Part Two of what seems to be becoming a seemingly endless series…

The WaPo reports that “Heckuvajob” Brownie “purposely and admittedly” avoided communicating with his boss, DHS Secretary Michael “Skeletor” Chertoff after Katrina hit NOLA. He also purposely ignored the National Response Plan – the “master plan” for disaster response.

The report of the House panel investigating the fiasco also said that Brown’s actions cost the United States “an opportunity to determine whether the NRP worked.” Of course, given the fact that the NRP was developed under preznit’s watch, it’s pretty much a given that it would have failed miserably anyway.

The report also criticized Brownie for not advising Skeletor of the steps he should take under the NRP. As a former (state) government employee, however, I can tell you that part of the report is unfair to Brown. We’ve already seen countless examples of what happens when people try to tell preznit’s butt-boys how to do their jobs. I don’t blame Brownie for keeping his mouth shut on that one.

As I said in my previous post, picking the worst agency is a real crap-shoot… but I guess DHS wins, hands down.

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