Friday, October 05, 2007


... and not the kind ole Senator Craig was looking for...

I was watching Cops a couple of nights ago, and was treated to a Palm Beach County deputy pointing out that the best thing about law enforcement was that he wasn't in a cube, sucking up the air conditioning, enjoying looking at a monitor. Instead, from what I could see, he was sitting in a Ford Crown Vic -- smaller than the average cube -- sucking up the air conditioning, and enjoying his mobile data terminal.

Next week is Fire Prevention Week. Go check the linked site, and make sure you Practice Your Escape Plan. You do have an escape plan, don't you?

October is also Crime Prevention Month. This site has a ton of useful stuff to help keep you safe.

Mr Conservatard has apparently been sent for deprogramming. We hope all is well with him...

Someone asked me a few days ago why I had not done a Fire History post on the Hartford Circus Fire, which occurred on July 6, 1944. The fire claimed 167 lives, including the famous "Little Miss 1565." The reason I didn't write something up was that it hits a little closer to home than the other major disasters I've written about. But -- since someone asked -- there will be a belated post about the fire within a day or two.

The Grand Old Perverts have released the logo for their annual convention, to be held in the Senator Craig Memorial Stall at Minneapolis Airport:

The lovely yet talented Dark Wraith has, not surprisingly, modified it slightly, to better reflect the rethuglican's true nature:

Various other bloggers have also taken potshots at it, including one -- and I can't remember whom -- pointed out the prison stripes, wide stance, starry eyes, and preparation to screw America yet again.

Anyway, more in a bit. For some reason, my rassafrassin' boss expects me to actually do some work!

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