Sunday, October 28, 2007

A Crime Against Humanity

Via The Dark Wraith, I found a post by Peter of Lone Tree (one of the regulars at BlondeSense), linking to a Houston Chronicle story about a man taking his own life rather than vacating a home he had lost to foreclosure. The Wraith, with his inimitable flair, got right to the point of the matter:

Who here thinks - I mean, really, really believes - that any rich person, spitefully, blithely hateful to the working class, or pandering and blubbering to it, fundamentally has even a clue?

That fellow down there in Houston? He finally figured it out. When hope is gone, all that remains is the one thing almost no authority can prevent a person from having:

The right not to die on his knees.

The Wraith points out that the failure does not lie solely with the Republicans; Clinton, Obama, and Edwards are equally oblivious.

The Dark Wraith is, as usual, right.

I don't think it takes any great genius to recognize that politicians -- any and all politicians -- are completely insulated from the real world. When one has to be a millionaire to run for office, one winds up with office-holders who have a millionaire's outlook on life. And while most of them may not come right out and say it, I think their general feeling is, "I did it, so can you. And if you can't, you're a loser."

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