Friday, October 05, 2007

Couple More Quickies...

... that I forgot earlier.

As a safety and security professional, I subscribe to an almost obscene number of print and on-line publications. One -- from the Dept of Homeland Security -- had a little glitch day before yesterday: hitting "reply" sent your message to all the thousands of subscribers (brought about by someone replying to change an email address). So, instead of simply receiving the day's mailing, we also received several hundred replies, ranging from introductions ("I like chardonnay and roasted duck") to job searching. It was heartening to see that some security professionals have a healthy sense of humor. It was disheartening to see, however, that some of my professional peers are humorless (and, in some cases, oblivious - "stop hitting reply and this'll stop".... umm, dude, that includes you). Today, exactly the same thing happened to another mail list, this one from the State Department.

Nice to see the government can't even control their own mail lists. Makes you wonder how in hell they expect us to trust them to run a war. So much for the Global War on Terra®.

NBC Nightly News just ran a story about two high school kids in Cambridge, Nova Scotia, who took a stand against bullying by wearing pink shirts. Their "movement" has now spread across Nova Scotia.

Mr and Mrs 618 say:


More a little later.

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