Friday, October 05, 2007

Kitty collar questions

Hi! Mrs. 618 here.Question for any of you cat owners, have any of you had problems with break-a-way collars. I had one on my last cat Jenna but she almost choked herself with it. While on vacation same thing happened to Joey while he was with my mom. He wiggled it forward, got it stuck in his mouth, panicked and started choking. My mom had to cut it off of him as it never broke away as it was to suppose to. I have been told by vets as well as other animal professionals that these were suppose to be wonderful, but my guys either wiggle or chew out of them and have never had a single problem with the old traditional collars. So please send me your comments and experiences, I want to keep the boys safe but not at the constant cost of these problems. Baily and Joey thank you for helping me make an informed decision.
Also a couple of after thoughts...
  • To you young men in Nova Scotia for taking you stance an promoting a positive change you really rock!!!!! Good luck with all your endeavors.
  • To Whoopi, Thanks for still provoking thought not just politics.You ladies keep me laughing and sane
  • My wall of Shame goes to...
  • All you educators out there who are telling the little tykes(4-6 years old) that a pat on the back, or hugs that they are guilty of inappropriate touching. When, where and most of all WHY where are you teaching them to show no compassion to others, 15-20 years of this and as the song says "What a Wonderful World it Will Be" (more hate , more violence, No tolerance will seep from one area of our youth to another and if we can't be bothered to talk to them from early ages on the difference between good touch and bad touch as well as age appropriate touches how the hell do we discuss real sexual violence and assault, anger management, racism and the bulling, how will our children ever be taught to trust, love and to follow the heart. They learn from their parents, teachers, nannies and all those who care for them. I personally feel we are morally obligated to let them see thing not just in black and white but that gray does exist. That it is not our place to pass judgement on others for what they believe but use respect, common sense and listen to all points of view. It is the only way they will learn to form their own opinion
  • Maybe we all need to take away the valuable lessons of our youth in Nova Scotia's Pink Peninsula, and let some of this trickle down the eastern sea board.


  1. why do you your cats need collars? mine's perfectly happy to be without, but then he's a city apartment critter and never goes outside.

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  3. My cats have collars to hang their rabies tags on in case they are found and the vet can contact me.

    I lost two cats last year though which could have been due to tangled collars? Don't know, they just never came home.

    It's a sad trade off, allowing cats their freedom to roam vs. stuck inside these four walls. My pups come and go, why shouldn't they?

    Just wanted to let you know that I added 618 to my favorite blogs list. I started out pet blogging and just recently got to ranting, but hope to be getting back with the pet blogs soon.

    Have a happy one!