Wednesday, December 13, 2006

RIP: Peter Boyle

Peter Boyle, the unexpected comedic genius, has died at age 71, according to the wire services. I hadn't realized he originally was a monk, but what the hell. The church's loss was society's gain. Despite roles in such movies as "Taxi Driver", "Joe", and "The Candidate", I will remember him most for three of his comedic roles: the monster in Mel Brooks' "Young Frankenstein", the Godfather in Michael Keaton's "Johnny Dangerously", and of course as the father on TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond" (although I truly despised the rest of the cast). he also did the remake of the classic Alka-Seltzer commercial, "I can't believe I ate the whole thing".

On the other hand, this will re-unite Boyle with Marty Feldman (who died in 1982), who played Igor in "Young Frankenstein"... Jesus, what a pair they made.

Rest well, Peter.

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