Sunday, December 03, 2006

DHS Strikes Yet AGAIN!

Bob's Links and Rants has a good piece on DHS's latest "tool", the Automated Targeting System. This allows the DHS to assign every person entering or leaving the country -- even United States citizens -- a "threat assessment score" (similar to a credit score). These scores, of course, are confidential, and the methodology is double-super-top-secret. And like a credit score, there's no way for the "consumer" to correct an inaccurate report (and the ATS scores will be maintained for 40 years, not the seven years credit reports are held).

Go. Read. Now.

Another of george w. bush's "critical" efforts in the war on freedo-- err, terra.

Amazing how many yard signs I've seen in and around the Ann Arbor area that say "Impeach bush".

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