Saturday, December 02, 2006

Blue Girl on the Baker Commission

The ever-talented Blue Girl In A Red State had a piece up the other day on the Baker Commission report. In that she made the salient points much better than I would have, here is her take on it, reprinted with her permission:

Baker Commission Consensus

Well the report we have all been waiting for with bated breath is ready but they are holding it back for another week.

This week is important. That is all the time they have to shift ownership of this swamp to the Democrats. Step one: They are sending Lee Hamilton out as the advance man, and they are calling it the Baker-Hamilton Commission.

What a bunch of crap. I bang my head on my desk in frustration and anger. Why do we let these bastards get away with this garbage? We aren't going to anymore, right? We are going to hold the replacements accountable, right?

Here's the deal. The netroots needs to stick together. We need to be signed up for the emails from our senators and representatives whether they are our party or not. When they vote a way we disagree with, we need to let them know. When they do the right thing, we need to let them know that, too. Do not, for a second, let them forget just who the fuck it is they work for.

We need to embark on a new age of accountability on behalf of our public officials, from your city councilman to the President. Keep an eye on every one of the bastards and ride them like a rented pony.

People have said they were mad as hell and not going to take it anymore for years. Do you mean it yet? Now is your chance to prove it. When they catapult the propaganda, push back. Call it the Baker Commission. Remind the world that Jim Baker is the Bush family consigliere, the fixer. The guy Cheney shot in the face? Baker's brother-in-law.

This is Juniors fuck up and Daddy's friends are having to bail his punk ass out. This is not a bipartisan misadventure and don't let them repackage it as such.

Do not let the message get recast. Stay on top of it, damnit and keep the bastards honest. It's a hell of a job but when the founders gave us this republic they told us it was ours as long as we could keep it. They never said the retention process would be easy, but most things worth keeping aren't easy to hold on to.

As I say, she has nailed it completely.

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