Thursday, December 28, 2006

The Priest and the Teen-age Boy

Another one from AP:

Priest tackles intruder, foils theft

INDIANAPOLIS - A Roman Catholic priest tackled a teenage boy he found rummaging through a church rectory Tuesday, foiling a theft attempt, police said. The intruder and another man escaped briefly. But police officers used a description by the Rev. Noah Casey to track and arrest them.

I wish my first thought had been that the priest was doing his best to grab a thief, but with all the bad press the Catholic Church has had over the last few years, my first thought was "priest + tackling a teenage boy = attempted homosexual pedophile rape".

The Church has been covering up these sexual assaults for so long that it almost seems reasonable to put such stories in the worst possible light.

It doesn't help matters that the Church keeps trying to position itself as the sole arbiter of morality (when we all know that title falls to "the Decider") while it simultaneously deals with hundreds of allegations of homosexual pedophile priests raping young boys.

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