Saturday, October 21, 2006


First, some good news: Anntichrist S. Coulter is out of the hospital. Not in tip-top shape, but still with us. The lovely yet talented Mrs 618 and I send our wishes for a full and speedy recovery.


In my previous post (yeah, I know, last week), I recapped some of the more popular and well-known examples of Republican "Family Values". Today, I stumbled across a list of Rethugs involved in various pedophile cases. Go read the full list here. Here are just a few:

  • Republican County Board Candidate Brent Schepp was charged with molesting a 14-year old girl and killed himself three days later.
  • Republican chairman of the Oregon Christian Coalition Lou Beres confessed to molesting a 13-year old girl.
  • Republican Party leader Bobby Stumbo was arrested for having sex with a 5-year old boy.
  • Republican Mayor Philip Giordano is serving a 37-year sentence in federal prison for sexually abusing 8- and 10-year old girls.
Between the pedophilia and the run-of-the-mill corruption, how anyone can claim (with a straight face) that the Republicans stand for "family values" is beyond me.

Thanks to ArmChairSubversive for compiling the list.


Daily Kos diarist "dogemperor" recently finished a three-part series on "Racists and Dominionists" (Part I, Part II, Part III), as well as numerous other postings on dominionists and similar groups. The recent series illuminates some of the instances in which seeming disparate groups -- tax protestors, sovereign citizens, common-law-court believers, racists, anti-abortion extremists, militias, neo-Confederates, etc -- come together, and the disturbing consequences of those convergences. The series is well worth the read (as are the rest of dogemperor's pieces), although some basic knowledge of the various fundamentalist/extremist/hate groups might be helpful (which is available here).

In the past, I've posted a few pieces about the convergence of anti-government extremists and the current administration (here and here, for instance). This series has energized me to resume work on a series of pieces trying to demonstrate and clarify the connections between the administration and various anti-government extremist factions -- those whom it would label "terrorists".


Mr Conservatard is considering a new name for himself and his blog. Drop by, read his commentary on the renaming issue and let him know what you think. Personally, I think it should stay the way it is.

More later....

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