Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Offered Without Comment

[Other than my appreciation for Nena making this available, of course]


Written on 18 Sep 01
By Nena Wiley

Never before had I been paralyzed by terror and anguish;
so consumed, so compelled.
But I was on Tuesday.

Never before had I sat under my Nation's starry skies,
with only the sight of fighter jets and the only sound; of freedom.
But I did on Wednesday.

Never before has our family gathered together and
made a "Plan A" to save our lives in case of disaster.
But we did on Thursday.

Never before had I witnessed so many American Flags,
heard so many anthems nor seen so many remembrance candles.
But I did on Friday.

Never before had I seen so many many American heroes,
nor heard of such brave acts across our land and skies.
But I did on Saturday.

Never before had I felt our Nation to be united
in grief, prayer, anger and resolve.
But I did on Sunday.

Never before had I been glad to be interrupted
by commercial breaks on television.
But I was on Monday.

Never before had my soul wept beyond tears,
nor had my heart bled red, white and blue.
But they did that week.

Dear God, Please....never again.

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