Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Gettin' There...

Back on March 12, I mentioned that I would be "thrilled when I broke a thousand" visitors. Well, as of a few minutes ago, I'm at 959.

Of course, being more or less a masochistic sort, I then looked at the stats for TBogg, Kos, and Atrios (6,369,222; 319,684,223; 94,590,499, respectively). At that point, I was at 535.

Four hundred-twenty visitors and six months later, here's where we stand now:

To put this in some kind of perspective, here are the daily averages for "the other guys":

  • TBogg: 9,496
  • Kos: 537,723
  • Atrios: 110,960

My daily average? Four.

On the other hand, I alone am married to the lovely yet talented Mrs 618, and they're not.

Therefore, I win.

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  1. Hi! this place is easy on the eyes, thanks. I liked this post. I have a little blog too. I started blogging because I was going to 'splode' if I didn't.