Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Do YOU Want to be Able to Save a Life?

I've mentioned a couple of times that I teach First Aid and CPR for the American Red Cross. The Red Cross and the American Heart Association are the two largest groups that teach the course. If you haven't taken a CPR course in the past, you should. You could save a life. It might be your spouse, your child, your parent, or even a complete stranger. If you haven't renewed your certification in the last few months, you definitely need to get the updated course; there have been lots of changes to the program (at least, to the ARC version; I haven't done an AHA course in 20-some years).

Until just recently, taking a classroom course was the only way to learn these critical skills. But now, according to an article a friend sent me, the AHA has a home-study course. You purchase an inflatable manikin, watch the program materials (I think on a DVD), and practice to your heart's content. You don't get certified in the skill, as you do with the ARC or AHA, but you have the skills to save a life.

The AHA anticipates 3 people learning the skill for each manikin purchased (the assumption that the buyer will pass the manikin around to family members is probably valid).

Learn CPR. You really could save a life.

Take a course at the Red Cross or the Heart Association, or even the home study program.

But please, please learn CPR (and first aid, of course).

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