Friday, February 04, 2005

Soylent Security

From Josh Marshall at TalkingPointsMemo
Ohhh ... and W falls back 5 yards.
From CNN/Money: "Bill Gross, manager of the world's largest bond fund, is criticizing President Bush's plan to privatize part of Social Security. Gross, managing director at Pimco, called the argument about the solvency of Social Security "silly" and said it was an example of the president not focusing on more important issues, such as the budget deficit."
Now, as I recall, the bond funds would be selling and/or servicing the private/personal/whatever accounts... and raking in fees for doing so. For the managing director of a bond fund to be critical of Twig's Social Security "plan" is quite a kick in the teeth for Shrubmeister.

Plus, a couple of blogs have pointed out Junior is having a hard time getting Republicans to sign on. Yes, he already has Joe Lieberman, (who I used to be very proud of when he was Connecticut's Attorney General, but now that he's Bush-lite, NFW), but few if any Republicans.

Oh, and the title for this post is also from TPM.

[Update: The title actually came from a posting at Political Animal. Oops...]

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