Sunday, February 06, 2005

Ignorance is Knowledge...

From the Washington Post:

The White House will brandish independent studies on program effectiveness, appeals for lawmakers to set priorities, and, on occasion, some rhetorical creativity. The deep cuts to community development, for example, have been titled the "Strengthening America's Communities Initiative."
Jesus, this is getting worse and worse every day. I think we all saw most of this crap back in high school, when we studeied Orwell's 1984.

Oliver Willis has another take on BlunderBoy's latest attempt to enrich the rich at the expense of the not-so-rich:

GWB Is A Crazy SOB
Submitted by Oliver Willis on Sun, 02/06/2005 - 2:46pm.
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We're fighting a global onslaught of terrorism.

American lives are in danger, every day.

But, our government is spending more than its taking in.

Soo.... he could roll back the insane tax evasion laws he's put in place for the Paris Hiltons, Bill Gates, and George W. Bushs of the world in order to actually pay for the things we need to keep America secure.

But not George.

He's going to screw the weakest among us to appease his masters.

"The budget seeks savings from about 150 programs, including Amtrak, environmental protection, American Indian schools, farmers' subsidies and Medicaid, the federal-state health program for the poor and disabled."

There's an opportunity for a brave Democrat here. We need to propose a bill called the America At War Act of 2005, that reduces or eliminates the tax evasion laws now on the books for the mega-rich and the corporations that they own. Those funds would then be used to, you know, kill terrorists and protect the country we love.
Willis has a good idea, there's no doubt about that. But I still like my idea: reminding those miserable little Congresscritters who they work for... and that they'd damn well BETTER listen to us if they want to keep their plush jobs.


Good grief, Charlie Brown.

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