Sunday, May 20, 2007

Gun Nuts, Terrorists, the NRA and bush

Commenting on my post about the NRA supporting terrorists, Sebastian says, "...gun owners have never been thrilled with Bush. Hang out on some of our blogs, you won't hear us singing his praises much. "

Uh-uh. Nope. Au contraire, mon frere.

No effin' way are you right-wing gun nuts gonna hang your boy bush on US. The NRA has always supported bush and the rest of his neocon cabal, and of course the gun nuts all support the NRA. [All emphasis added]

The National Rifle Association`s Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) has endorsed George W. Bush for President of the United States.... President Bush and Vice President Cheney both love to hunt and fish.... Four years ago, NRA members went to the polls and stopped Al Gore`s plans to continue the war on America`s gun owners. But now, we face a greater threat than even the Clinton/Gore Administration posed. John Kerry and John Edwards are the most anti-gun presidential team in our country`s history.... Vote to re-elect President George W. Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney.
George W. Bush, 54, apparently learned hunting and alleged sportsmanship the National Rifle Association way, from his father, former U.S. President George H. Bush. NRA vice president Kayne Robinson boasted at a members-only meeting in early 2000 that Bush, if elected, would be «a president where we work out of
their office
.» That got some attention, along with the role of NRA executive vice-president Wayne LaPierre in raising $250,000 at a recent Republican Party fundraiser honoring Bush, and the Bush record as Texas governor of signing bills allowing people to carry concealed handguns and take guns to church, and barring cities from suing gun-makers.
But who gets George Bush's obedience? The NRA and its fellow "any gun is a good gun" followers. NRA tells George that the Second Amendment somehow says that EVERY SINGLE TYPE OF GUN must be available to everyone with the absolute minimum of registration. Congress can try and demand more national security with standards for getting drivers licenses, but apparently selling guns made for shooting through cops police vests is just not a concern...

Republican-controlledCongress delivers long-sought victory to gun industry as House votes, 283-144, to shield gun manufacturers and dealers from liability lawsuits; NRA lobbied intensely for measure, which passes with 59 Democratic votes; Wayne LaPierre of NRA hails 'historic' moment; Senate has approved identical measure, which is aimed at ending lawsuits by individuals and municipalities trying to hold manufacturers and dealers liable for negligence when weapons are used in crimes; measure does allow cases involving defective weapons or criminal behavior such as knowingly selling weapon to buyer who has failed criminal background check; Pres Bush says law will help stem 'frivolous' lawsuits; dispirited gun-safety advocates vow to challenge constitutionality; sponsor Cliff Stearns notes boost from Pentagon letter backing measure as safeguarding national security by limiting lawsuits against companies that supply weapons to military.

Editorial criticizes Pres Bush for giving no more than 'passive support' to renewal of
assault-weapon ban,
despite pleas of most law enforcement agencies, while at same time trying to outlaw legitimate damage suits by gun victims against 'irresponsible'
manufacturers and dealers...

If theNRA could pick a candidate, it would undoubtedly be George W. Bush. Source: The Economist, “Issues 2000” special Sep 30, 2000] He has been a strong ally of the organization in Texas. Recent attempts to distance himself are assumed to be merely tactical. Bush follows the standard gun-owner’s line: he wants tougher penalties against gun-toting criminals, but no more regulations for worthy citizens with a pistol by the bed. He places the blame for America’s frequent gun massacres on negligent parents, a “wave of evil” and the culture of violence. As president, he:

  • would bring in no new gun controls, except possibly tougher penalties for criminals using guns
  • opposes mandatory safety locks (but supports voluntary ones)
  • supports concealed-weapon laws
  • favors instant background checks (rather than three-day waiting periods) in shops and at gun shows
  • would restrict lawsuits against gun makers, which he has deterred in Texas

The recent shootings in Michigan and Pennsylvania have again thrust the issue of gun safety into the national spotlight -- much to the dismay of the National Rifle Association and the pro-gun presidential candidates, who are now being forced to deal with a problem which they don't want to talk about. ... As a result, the NRA, Gov. George Bush and Sen. John McCain are in full "spin cycle," using smoke-and-mirrors public relations to claim to be championing gun safety legislation to deflect their poor records on the issue of gun safety. At the same time, what the NRA and these pro-gun candidates say and do on the issue of gun control are two completely different things entirely.

You friggin whackjobs who think you shouldn't have any restriction on carrying whatever weapons you want, you supported bush, you wanted bush...


I have yet to see a vehicle with an NRA sticker also showing a sticker for any Democrat. The complete abrogation of sensible (or even any) gun-control legislation is the sole purview of the Rethuglicans.

Any time a Democrat mentions gun control, you lunatics and your NRA buddies begin an immediate total character assassination that makes the Swift Boat crowd look tame.

It is you who insist that guns must be available to everybody, everywhere. It is you and your ilk that want to force employers and others to allow guns on their property... even against the property owner's wishes. It is you raving maniacs that feel a God-given right to carry guns in bars and churches and even prisons.


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  1. You make the elementary mistake of conflating gun owners with the NRA. There's a reason the NRA has been losing members for decades, even as the number of gun owners has grown.

    I noticed you didn't actually take Mr. Sebastian's suggestion to check out some pro-gun sites to see what they think. Allow me to help you out:

    And speaking of character assassination... I doubt you honestly believe that 50 million people are "friggin whackjobs", "lunatics", and "raving maniacs". Judging solely by the frothy nature of this article, however, the latter invective seems to fit you well.