Sunday, July 17, 2005

"You are a traitor and you are our enemy."

Karl Dubya "Scooter" Cheney to John Kerry?

Nope. Not hardly.

It's four former CIA operatives to the Administration, in this post at TPM Cafe, an offshoot of Josh Marshall's Talking Points Memo. It's a posting of testimony they and two others delivered on Capitol Hill in 2003.

Read the whole article, then come on back here.

[Laa-dee-dah... 99 bottles of beer on the wa---]

You're back already?

They do a pretty good job of ripping the GOP obfuscation to shreds, don't they?

John Dean was right: this bunch IS "worse than Watergate". For those who haven't seen it, that's the title of his latest book. And for the younger readers, John Dean was Tricky Dick Nixon's counsel. And if you ask who Nixon was, I'll cry.

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