Monday, July 04, 2005

Happy Fourth of July...

A couple of articles worth passing on:
  • Daniel Ellsberg, on the similarities between the speeches he wrote for JFK, LBJ, and Tricky Dick, and Twig's latest (registration required, although there's probably a generic one on
  • Ellsberg -- again -- with an essay (described as "fabulously depressing") comparing Vietnam and Iraq
  • Cold Stone Creamery ice cream recall: Their ice cream is a LOT better than Ben & Jerry's, so this is unfortunate, from my point of view. (Basically, they're recalling all ice cream with cake batter/cookie dough, because of a possible link to salmonella)
  • Bushies doing the Perp Walk: One of the Daily Kos diarists -- "Dood Abides" -- has some truly wonderful "eye candy" of the Cheney Administration getting their just desserts.

In other news...

There should be a little more regular activity here, now that my wonderful wife and I have completed the move to the new digs. And gotten the DSL connected (oh, man, dial-up sucks after a year of DSL).

No, I did NOT watch any of Live8. Other than Stevie Wonder and McCartney, I couldn't give a rat's rectum about the rest of the "artists". Also on the music scene, RIP to both Luther Vandross and Obie Benson (of the Four Tops). "If there's a rock and roll heaven..."

Yes, neocon wingnuts are still mouth-breathing, Bible-thumpin, hooker-humpin, Stars-n-Bars-displayin, beer-swillin, hypocritical, self-righteous trailer-trash MO-rons.

Q: What's the difference between a neocon and a trampoline?

A: You take your cleats off before jumping on the trampoline.

Be well, folks.

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