Thursday, August 29, 2013

David Marsters, Dickless Douchebag

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David Marsters of Sabattus, ME, a tea-bagging gun-nut right-wing whacko douchebag, resigned from his various town positions as a result of the backlash of his Facebook post urging someone to "shoot the n*gger," with a picture of President Obama. This is the same small-penis compensating MO-ron who introduced a bill requiring each family in town to own a gun.

Marsters, not surprisingly, got a visit from the Secret Service, who explained to Marsters that saying "shoot the n*gger" might be construed as inciting to violence.

Little twerp said he posted the piece because "frustrated by what he (Obama) was doing to the country." Fuckin little fruit doesn't realize that he and his National Feckin Rifle Association douchebag cohorts are the biggest threat to American liberty these days.

Small-penis-compensating Marsters oughta be shot himself.

Dickless wonder David Marsters, tea-baggin douchebag.
This asshole needs to be shot, then be locked up with some big old black biker who'll make little Davey his bitch for life.
Hey, David Marsters... FUCK YOU, you little pansy-assed punk. Grab your autographed picture of Wayne LaPierre and jerk off into your Gadsden flag, loser.
Want to tell Dickless how you feel? He's in the phone book in Sabattus.*
* Of course, the little douchebag has probably changed his number so his fee-fees don't get hurt. Fuckin little coward.

UPDATE: Turns out dickless wonder is a former cop from Mass, most likely for some college campus or some other 19th-rate agency. Probably wondered why the local African-American community didn't support his racist views. Also says the CIA visited him, along with Secret Service. Guess they wanted to recruit him for one of their death squads.

Hey, Marsters... We oughta shoot you, you skinny little white racist cocksucker.


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