Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Trying to Catch Up

First off, let me apologize for the lack of posting the last couple of months. The lovely yet talented Mrs 618 and I packed up all our belongings and left the state of Michigan -- with its varied and unfortunate assortment of lay-offs, corrupt politicians, etc -- and moved halfway across the country, to Maine.

Since then, I have been busy as heck finding a job, buying a car (well, truck, in this case), trying to get a training business up and running, and joining the local volunteer fire department.

It's been a busy couple of months, and not just in the personal life.

Detroit mayor Kwame Kilpatrick (who, along with his former chief of staff/lover, are facing twelve felony counts) is still fighting for his political life.

We have lost both George Carlin and Larry Harmon (the most famous Bozo the Clown).

Jurassic Pork seems to have hung up his spurs (again), since "Welcome to Pottersville" no longer exists on Blogger. The folks at Daily Kos are even more into their "we love us, we're the greatest, and the rest of you suck" lifestyle.

On the political front in Maine, Democratic Congressman Tom Allen handily won the Democratic primary for the upcoming Senate election, where he will be facing off against long-time incumbent Susan Collins (who, like John McCain, is considered by a "maverick", but always reliably votes the Bushevik line). s I recall, Allen got more votes than his five competitors combined. Additionally, some recent polls are showing Collins at less than 50% approval, for the first time. I hope to be able to do more writing about the contest over the next couple of weeks.

Emily (our Lab) and Joey (the cat) have settled in quite well. Two people and a Labrador do not fit easily into a double bed. This I have learned the hard way: Emily has kicked my ass onto the more on more than one occasion.

Discovered yesterday that the new Jeep Liberty -- which isn't all that big -- has a 6-cylinder engine and gets 15 mpg. The '99 Chevy Tahoe I bought has an 8-cylinder engine and gets 18-20 mpg. Of course, at $4.25/gallon, it isn't much of a difference.

Well, since it is now ten minutes before 11:00 PM (that's 10:50 PM Celsius), I am going to bed.


  1. The difference, I suspect, is that the Liberty in question is a 4wd model, while the Tahoe in question is a 2wd model. 4wd Jeeps are particularly gas-thirsty because they run the front drivetrain 100% of the time (i.e., don't have axle disconnects at the front wheels) and are taller than the 2wd models (i.e., lots of drag).

    The '02 Chevrolet S-10 that I owned got 18-20mpg depending on how I drove it, it had a V6 engine and was a 2wd model. So it seems to be a Chevy thing :-).

    - Badtux the Gassy Penguin

  2. Nope, my Tahoe is 4x4 also. On the other hand, the other two factors certainly make sense, although I think my Tahoe is probably taller than the Liberty (I didn't have the time to do a height comparison).

    I agree about the "Chevy thing" too... the dealership I saw carried Chevy, GMC, and Jeep; the GM products all seemed to get better mileage than the Jeeps (even the 15-passenger van I saw).