Friday, July 18, 2008

Boston Dog Walks

Since today is petblogging and I haven't written in a dogs age, I thought I would share with you my experiences of the past week. My friend Nina owns a pet walking service down in Boston and was sideswiped by a lab 8 days ago, she sent out the S.O.S and I went down to help. (Please forgive the date stamp on the camera, it was having a brain fart.)

I had a great time, not only with her dog Tucker who is a wise old man.
We would go for evening walks and he would bounce through the fields chasing rocks. By the end of the day he would fall asleep reading the paper.

Then we have the gang that we walked, some a couple of times a week, some a couple of times a day, they are all very sweet and each has their own unique personality.

This is Benny, he likes to troll the water saving any and all drown tennis balls. He keeps the perimeter save for all who enter.

Here below we have Napoleon, name says it all, little guy BIG personality, he always makes me laugh as he keeps up with the big dogs and can run circles around them if he isn't busy flirting with the nearest pretty human he can find. He is a lover not a fighter.

Here are the Motley mutts, Baxter, Rip and Boo. Always on the move, but will sit still for chicken.

I also met a number of other dogs, all are awesome Perdita, Elliot, Fiona, Lucky, Fenway,
Cooper, Kristy, Lilly, Sade, Noel, Twist, and the Cocoa's they all were so much fun.

If any of you that read this live in the Boston area, take you pets to CatRock for a walk they will love it. Just keep your eyes out for glass shards as some anti -dog asshole keeps going through leaving tons of glass shards on the paths, but not to worry the walkers take their poop bags and pick up all that they can find. Just wish the cops would do a sting and bust this person. I'll leave you with a few more pictures... and grab a couple of tennis balls or a frisbee and get out and take your dog for a walk someplace fun this weekend, you both deserve it!

I could not end this with out mentioning Joey, He likes living the life of a country gentleman, evenings are spent doing the lawn ballet with the various bugs. This was his editorial after reading the about my time spent with the pooches.

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